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huntingDirty Lake Outfitters conducts its waterfowl hunting in Southwestern Manitoba. This area is known as the “Duck factory” of Manitoba, and it offers some of the best hunting opportunities in Canada. This is also a major staging area & flyway for the annual fall migration. Thousands of birds including Snow and Blue Geese, Canada Geese and most duck species stop to feed on the many agricultural fields and water bodies in the area.

Dirty Lake Outfitters morning hunt consists of field decoy spreads for geese and ducks. After the morning hunt it is back to the accommodations for lunch and a rest. The evening hunt consists of decoying ducks the many potholes and Ducks Unlimited Marshes in our area or if hunters prefer another field hunt for ducks or geese. If you choose you may also hunt upland game birds, all within the area you will be hunting. The majority of hunts will be for Canada Geese, Snow Geese or Mallard Ducks.

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